Tuesday, November 4, 2014

National Novel Writing Month

    October came and went with a bang. Started a new job with that all important health insurance plus a steady paycheck. Not a glamorous job, but one that’s also not soul sucking. Moved into a more permanent place for the time being and managed to get most of my crap out of the storage. Working full time with the commute does make writing full-time at my leisure not a viable solution. October started out pretty rough and it took some effort to get past the bumps.

    In terms of writing, it’s was a mixed bag of promise, disappointment, and things in between. My novella, Fire & Frost will appear in a collection of urban fantasy stories. E-book only format for the time being, so expect that I’ll be pimping that hard when the time comes. Most of my energy went towards writing my novel, not at the pace I wanted, but I did hit my goals for the most part. 29 out of 31 days involved writing in some manner and I found a good routine in the morning and evening. Submitted two short stories, one of which has been rejected already. Disappointing, but there’s other opportunities that I’m investigating.

    November is National Novel Writing Month. I’m getting back on the horse for the ninth time and shooting for a seventh win. I have a lot of motivation to complete the novel and since it’s more than the 50k word count, I could even get into the books two of the series. I have found myself going back and adding scenes to chapters one and two, while working on chapter three. I've blocked out scenes in chapters four and five that have come to mind in the process. Chapter six is still a blank slate but that will change once I get a feel for how chapter five resolves itself.

    Other than the novel, I've got two short stories in process plus the edits on my Fossil Lake II story. I’m going deep instead of wide for the next few months but expect a few side projects along the way. Feeling good about hitting goals and keeping ahead of the curve in terms of writing this month. Full steam ahead and no looking back.

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