Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Counting Stories

    In talking with a friend, I decided to do a quick count on what I've sold in the past 2 years. There's a definite progression which I chalk up to not working and having people push me to do stuff.

    The last half of 2012 saw 2 short story sales ["Madame" & "Perfection"]. Both stories features Henri and his axe, Madame. I've got another story written, but it didn't fit the current assassins call, so it's just waiting for a chance. This year [2014] saw some world building around Henri as I tried to envision his world. Nothing too crazy or serious yet, but I've got a good grip on his setting and that opens up even more stories.

    2013 showed a spike with 6 sales ["Broken Horn", "GRONK!", "The Flowering Princess of Dreams", "The Tamer of Beasts", "The Dank", and "Knife's Edge"] and the birth of my urban fantasy world. Five of the six stories can be tied to this theme. I have many plans for this, some of which have come to fruition in 2014. I'm not racking in the $$'s, but my name's out there and showing a small amount of dividends.

    2014 exploded with 8 confirmed sales. There's a couple of sequels [Attack of the GRONKlings!, Bride of GRONK!, MegaGRONK!], some urban fantasy [The Crew, A Measure of Air, The Handmaiden's Touch], and a few new ones [The Last Hero, Granny's Hood]. I'm really happy about how this year is progressing and I've got six out for calls and three more short stories in process. No rest for the wicked.

    I've been setting goals for myself each month and working to hit them. Last month was to write 500 words a day, every day. That didn't happen, as I failed to write anything on 13 of those days, though my average ended up at 623 words/day. Not terrible, but not every day. That's the key, write every day. This month is down four days due to a pinched nerve in my foot and moving, but the average is up. It's getting that habit down. Every single day. Write.

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