Friday, June 21, 2013

Naming the Story

...or how a simple bumper sticker will drive you crazy.

    Back in November of last year, a writing friend of mine suggested that I write a short story with a very specific theme. I hemmed and hawed, not really committing to anything for various reasons. On the way home from a hockey game, we passed a car chugging up the hill. On the rear window was a bumper sticker that read "Truckstop Darlin". My brain latched on to it and went off the rails. Holy crap did it go into undiscovered country. I had to write it. Had to. After two false starts, I finally nailed the story which turned out very different from the initial concept. A much better story given the feedback I got after sending it off to  people to read.

    But there was a problem. The story didn't fit the name any more, the characters no longer matched the concept. I've since renamed the story and sent it off to a call, but that still leaves me with the name "Truckstop Darlin" and it wants to be used.

    Ever helpful, the writing friend pointed out a horror call about dining establishments. Time to saddle up and see how terrifying I can get.

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