Monday, June 24, 2013

Busy weekend

    Editors have been busy the last four days. On Friday one of the beta readers sent me back a huge editing pass of Fire & Frost. Fresh eyes found a few weak points in the story & characters. Revisions are underway. Most of the weakness comes at the front of the story & that has the lion's share of my attention at the moment. Prose snipped [and saved], scenes rewritten, and characters altered. I got the dreaded, this is boring [paraphrasing], on one of the pivotal scenes about halfway through the book. That's been marked for special attention.

    I signed a contract for story #4 [details soon], a story got bumped to the next round, and got a rejection on another submission. The last one wasn't 100% surprising. Not my best prose to date. It's getting filed away & reviewed at a later date to be rewritten or incorporated into another story.

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