Friday, February 1, 2013

Rewrite Ahoy!

Back in December I wrote a handful of short stories that got sent out to various publishers. All of them were rejected for the anthologies. It was a disappointment, but not entirely unexpected, the odds are that most of your work will not get published right out of the gate. So, I have a handful of stories that are looking for homes.

Moving on from that, my current project was suppose to be an edit to a novella I did back in 2011. With the change to the main character, it's become more of a rewrite than a quick edit. I'm finding myself rewriting huge swathes of the story and focusing more on the character interaction and less on the action. The love interest has gotten a larger part in the story and I'm thinking about adding a couple more scenes with her and the MC. This is for an urban fantasy call, but I'm tempted to toss it at a romance call just to see the result if it doesn't work out on the current submission target.

This month's goals are to finish up novella, get a peer review going, and submit it before Radcon. I'll be going to Radcon in mid-February, where I've volunteered to sit on a couple of panels and do a reading of fiction on Sunday morning. I was there in 2010 and had a blast attending panels, listening to other authors talk about their experiences, and picking up tips on writing. I've got a lead on a couple of submissions, including one that's due before Radcon, so there's a bit of urgency going on for that one.

Next post is going to be a bit of fiction that I did for NaNoWriMo a couple of years back. It's been looked at a couple of times, but by no means done.

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