Thursday, December 7, 2017


As many have noted, it’s been a rough year for folks. I know of people that have had a rough go of it, along with lots who I don’t know but see on the streets. Those that don’t have a home or place to go. The methods of handling those who are homeless range from place to place, but there’s always a need for assistance. How we do that can range from handing them a few bucks or donating to a local shelter or being an activist seeking to implement change. I’m see this first hand within my social circles.

There’s a local shelter that offers the homeless a chance to bathe, do laundry, and pick up supplies such as socks, hygienic items, and the like. One of my acquaintances works for the shelter and dedicates his free time as well towards the problem of homelessness. Their dedication to the cause is nothing short of amazing in the face of what I see as a nearly insurmountable problem.

They’ve had to shave their head due to lice and get checked for TB in the course of their duties. But they haven’t given up due to the hardship. As shelter is a charity run by the city, the funding it always an issue and adds to the struggle. It’s people like this that gives me hope that things aren’t always going to be terrible despite the world.

I have few heroes, but one stands out. He makes me think about what I’m doing with my life and how I could do better. That man is Jimmy Carter, the former president of the US. On an honest note, he was not a good choice for president. Not because he was a terrible person, but because he was a good person and a bit politically naïve. What he lacked in that field of endeavor, he’s more that made up in being a decent human being.

The man left the office and could have retired to a nice quiet life of lectures and profiting off his time as president. Instead he put his beliefs into practice and formed the Carter Center to help human rights and end human suffering. He’s acted as an ambassador and special envoy to nations to negotiate treaties and free hostages. It’s been close to 40 years since he became president and he’s not resting on his laurels. By all rights, Mr. Carter could retire to a nice farm and relax. Instead he’s out there building homes for people and working to make things better for his fellow man.

Those are my points of light. The people that I think about when I need that moment of clarity against the oncoming darkness. Find those people in your life. Thank them so they know that their efforts aren’t in vain and help inspire others.

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