Thursday, January 14, 2016

The First of 2016

Ah sweet rejection, I’d forgotten how much it stings.  There’s always that twinge of doubt that makes me ponder if I should try again or just bin everything. It lasts for a few minutes, then I go and update my spreadsheet, move files around, and poke around to see if anything is open were it might fit.  I take the time to dive into my homeless file for a quick review. There’s potential in there and I’d hope that some editor will look at the story and think, “That’s just what I need for my anthology”.  I can add in a list of rewrites [2], unfinished shorts [~10], novellas [1], and novels [2] all which beg for completion. Then there’s the paranormal mystery series rolling around in my head that needs more face time. The bright, new, and shiny tempt me away to dive into the project and drop the current one. I can’t do that. Then nothing gets done, the writing languishes, and the frustration grows.

Tonight, I’ll head out to the coffee shop and write until they close. It’s my routine on weekdays after work. I go from one job to the next, neither of which pay all that well, but both are ones that I enjoy. Writers have an odd life, as 75% of the ones I know do the exact same thing. We have two jobs when really we should have just one. That’s the other source of frustration. I’m not a Steven King or George RR Martin, but I think I’m decent enough [and some people, not relatives, have told me I’m good] to make some living off writing. At the moment, I’m not quitting my day job and working in the evenings to make the other dream come true. I’ve set myself a goal to have the first draft done before March, then work like crazy on the edits for a possible submission by June. Six months should be enough time.

This week’s been rough in the way of losing great creative people. David Bowie died on Sunday, Alan Rickman died today [01/14/16], and Lemmy Kilmister from Motorhead late last month. I’m not a big metal head, but I grew up with listening to him and Bowie in high school. Rickman was a late edition to people I loved to watch, though my favorite role will always be in Galaxy Quest. It spurs me on to make the most of my current situation and get those words to paper, if just to leave a small footprint in the world that says I was here.

Let's all get out there and put our footprint on the world in whatever manner. Life's too damn short not to.

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