Saturday, July 12, 2014

Monsters, monsters, and giant monsters.

    I'm a Godzilla fan. It's a fact. I have a copy of every movie on DVD, even the terrible one that features little kids and baby Godzilla. My star of the collection is a copy of the original movie that Classic Media did back in 2006 along with Godzilla Raids Again [the first sequel]. The only movie missing is the 1984 Godzilla film that you can't get legitimately in the US or Canada. I'd pay many bucks for a copy of the original Japanese version with subtitles and not the terrible American release. My understanding there's rights issues and no one's talking. Bastards.

    Why do I mention this? This summer saw the debut of a new Godzilla movie, which aside from a few plot holes and moments of "WTF?", came away as enjoyable. Giant monsters stomping around and destroying cities? Check and mate in my book. In my book, having more monster screen time is a bonus and I'd watch two hours of Godzilla fighting monsters in a tag team match. That my collection is in storage at the moment makes me sad.

    I've also noticed an upswing of monster related calls, revolving around b-movie, giant, and swarms of monsters. Not saying there's a relationship, but I'm liking what I see. My first giant monster story, "GRONK!", appeared in "ATTACK! of the B-Movie Monsters: Night of the Gigantis" and has since spawned a sequel [Bride of GRONK!] which is out to a call. On top of that, there's three more calls out there that just cry out for me to make additional stories [Attack of the GRONKlings, MegaGRONK, and one as yet untitled]. In the past week, I've struggled with an unrelated call and fell short in a few ways. Today, I put that one aside and worked on Attack, pumping out 3k words in the afternoon whereas I did barely 500 the other day. Just sat down and went at it. I think I found my groove, at least for this month of writing. Tomorrow's goal is to finish up Attack and start the edit process.

    I joked with my friend that these stories would be awesome fodder for a terrible SyFy movie. As she noted there's worse things than being known as the [OMG SPOILER] weird platypus guy. I think I could live with that.

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