Wednesday, May 7, 2014

World Horror Con

    World Horror Con starts tomorrow in Portland and I have to admit to being a bit nervous. This is a con with some moderately big name attending and while I'm not going as a professional, I'm definitely going to network and learn. These are people I've read and followed and heard about for the past couple of years, but meeting them in the flesh is whole different situation. Am I going to be too big a fanboy or say something stupid or any number of things that might alienate them. Nerves. More than when I toss out a story for a call or review.

    Nerves aside, I'll get to meet Brian Keene and his wife. The crew of Deadite Press [Jeff Burk, Shane McKenzie, Carlton Mellick III, and more] and hang out at their press party.  I'll freely admit that I can't write bizarro horror, but I've read enough to make me admire those folks that can and make it entertaining. Some professional editors will be attendance and I get to thank one personally for looking at my novella. There's panels to attend, a live body piercing show, the gross-out contest, and lets not forget food. Portland is famous for all the foodcarts and there's many to be sampled.

    April produced only a single story and could not be considered a fruitful or productive month. It did spawn a new character and some ideas how to use her in future projects, including a call that surfaced a couple of day ago. On top of that, the Fossil Lake anthology got a reprint and the dead tree editions should be here today in time to take to World Horror Con.

    I'll do a debrief once I get back and gush about people more then.

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