Thursday, December 27, 2012

Down to the wire

A short note here.

    My goal for December was four short stories. I just sent off the second one [Red Eyes and Yellow Teeth] today and got confirmation of receipt on first one [Dead Truth]. Third story is started and rolling along. I was going to avoid zombie stories, but there's this call and then ideas happened. Always with the ideas. My original thought was World War II and the fire bombing of Dresden Germany. Through the grapevine, I heard that the editor was looking for pre-CE [Current Era] stories, so I switched gears and went for the plagues of Egypt, specifically the last one. Kill the First Born, but not really, make them come back as zombies. Real life events happened concerning children as I was starting, so that idea got shutdown and went back to WWII.

    On a prompt, I began to poke around again and looked at Asia, notably China. There's lots of good ideas, including the Great Wall and the army of Terra Cotta Soldiers that were buried near the tomb of the 1st Emperor of China, Qin Shi Huang. That got the juices flowing and now I'm off on a 3rd idea and writing furiously to meet a January 1 deadline. Not going to hit my goal of four this month, but at least three.

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