Sunday, November 25, 2012

Runaway Story

     The last couple of days have been an interesting mix of banging my head on the wall and being in the zone. The past has taught me the value of making multiple saves and a good backup. There's a copy of everything I've written on my hard drive and on two jump drives that I keep around. For NaNo this year, I only backed up to one of the jump drives. And on Thanksgiving, overwrote the wrong backup. Lost about 5k worth of work and put myself further behind. To make sure that doesn't happen again, I tossed another copy up to Google drive for cloud storage and now have two backups. Moral of the story – Pay attention to which file you're writing too and always keep more than one backup.

     There's are those moments when everything clicks and the words flow like Niagara Falls. Saturday was one of those days, where I was in the zone. It started with a new origin story, about one of the villains and his “quest” for revenge. As I wrote, I found myself disliking him with a passion, as he slaughters his way through a village and meets his childhood tormentors for the first time in twenty years. Not everything is cut and dry as he remembers and is faced with a dilemma as one of the tormentors is now a priestess and actually sorry for what happened. The others he kills in a slow and methodical manner that includes humiliating and degrading situations. Straying from the point, which is the story just flowed out. The descriptions, the dialogue, everything just synced and I ended up with close to six thousand words on paper. Best effort so far this month and I got a story that could be submitted after a rewrite and edit. Going to finish it up today and move on to recreating some of the words I lost in the save screw up.

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